Phase 1, Week 2 Complete

27 August 2010
I'm having lots of fun! Another week has passed, and I'm loving Cosmo more and more! We learned lightening, and highlighting/lowlighting with foils and caps, and today we got to put what all we learned into practice. I got caramel highlights on top along with some peekaboo blonde highlights underneath, Laura did an awesome job on my hair, if I do so say myself! It came out really pretty!

Here's how my hair turned out :)

I had a super fun week, and it went by really fast, but I'm so glad its the weekend now. I'm SO ready to spend time with my hubby, cause it seems like I haven't seen him at all since he started his new job. He works late most nights, and has been out of town the past couple of days, but he's coming home tonight, thank goodness. I feel incomplete and lost without him!

Might do something exciting later.. like Wal-Mart at Midnite, and Steak n' Shake at 2am. Nothing more fun than that!


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