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03 November 2010
Today was a pretty awesome day!! This morning was exciting! We had an educator from TIGI Bedhead cosmetics come in and introduce us to TIGI's line of makeup, which I must say, thoroughly impressed me. Everything was high quality and  highly pigmented. The eyeshadows were sososo prettty, and reminded me of MAC. The line isn't nearly as big as MAC, but he had very nice kit with everything in it, but it still had everything you could possibly need. I think we can get that kit at a student price of about $500, and I plan on getting one in the future... distant future, ha!

He also showed us TIGI's 10 piece makeup brush set, and it was AMAZING~! The brush handles were a gorgeous, bold hot pink, and the bristles were SO soft. All off the brushes were full size and came in a carrying pouch or a neato brush belt (WANT LOL) and they only cost $60, including taxes. That's a great price, especially considering the brushes run around $16 each if you were to buy them individually.

It was a great learning experience as well. He told us how he went through Cosmetology school and in his mind, quit every day because it wasn't as easy as he imagined it would be. He kept at it and graduated,  passed his state board, got a job in a salon and also became an educator for TIGI. His story inspires me because I admit, sometimes I can get really frustrated and stressed out when I don't grasp some concept, or am the slowest one in class.  The thought of quitting is there in the back of my mind... but then I have to remind myself why I'm there, and that quitting will get me no where in life. I know I can make it. I may struggle, but I know I gotta keep going. I deserve to be successful!

After our makeup party was over, we went out on the salon floor and worked on a haircut from the Milady Edge DVD. I missed the first day we were supposed to work on it, so I was really struggling with the parting for it... cause it was funky, and Anime inspired.. which I LOVED. Once I got the parting... I enjoyed doing the cutting. And I love how my cut turned out. This is the first hair cut I've done so far that I actually like!

Some of the Hairiest Blogs I've Seen

I love having options when it comes to haircutting and styling. Just imagine how well-rounded your skills would be if you met stylists all over the world, and learned something new from each and everyone of them. That is my dream. I want to have all kinds of experience and influences, and that's when the internet comes in handy. Youtube videos are great for this as well, but I think blogs about hair are an awesome idea! Here of some of my absolute favorite hair related blogs. Expect the list to keep growing, and please add yours if you like. :)

Babes in Hairland  

For Young'ins )
Princess Hairstyles (for the little princess in your life)
Girl Hairdos & Ideas

Great blogs that are no longer updated :(
Cutie Pie Hair Creations
Hair Between My Fingers


02 November 2010
Last Friday at school was so fun! I just love Halloween and any excuse to get dressed up in a costume! I went as the Mad Hatter (as played by Johnny Depp). It was a fun costume! My favorite part of it was my hat and my mismatched makeup w/ white eyelashes!! I was inspired by my favorite makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, and her Mad Hatter tutorial video. Look her up on YouTube... her happiness just makes me smile!

I'm not gonna lie... I was pretty proud of my costume, especially after spending so little on it. I already had most of the stuff at home (the scarf, pants, shirt, makeup) and got the rest really cheap (the jacket $1 @ Goodwill) and the hat and hair color for cheap at Wilson's 5 cents to $1. I used NYX's Milk Jumbo eyeshadow pencil as the all over color because I didn't have any white greasepaint. It worked better than I thought it would... after powdering with white mineral powder and hairspraying my makeup in place, it lasted all day,

I might like to do it again.. maybe a tutorial? Or at least a list of products I used. Anywho, here's some pic spam!

Haul: Eyes Lips Face Columbus Day Sale

24 October 2010
My lil' ELF cosmetics haul :)
Eyes Lips Face (or ELF for short) had a great  50% off of everything Columbus Day weekend sale recently. There isn't a wide selection of ELF available in stores, so when they have sales like this, I highly recommend that you take advantage of them! I love saving money, and who can pass getting already affordable $1 cosmetics for 50 cents each?! I'll be testing these out this week and doing a review later on =) I spent a total of $13.05 on all of this, which isn't that bad for all I got! :) Everything cost me 50 cents each, except for the studio kabuki which was $2.50 on sale, and the studio blush which was $1.50 on sale. I almost spent more on shipping ($6.95) than I did on the goodies!

Here's what I ordered:
Shimmer Pencil in 7606 Grassy Green
Shimmer Pencil in 7607 in Twinkle Teal
Shimmer Pencil in 7608 Plum Passion
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in 7301 Coffee
Eyelid Primer 7501 Sheer
Zit Zapper 7801
Studio Blush in 83135 Berry Merry
Studio Kabuki Face Brush
Shimmer Pencils: Plum Passion, Twinkle Teal, & Grassy Green

Cocoa Eyeliner Pen, Eyeshadow Primer, Zit Zapper

Studio Kabuki Face Brush, Studio Berry Merry Blush
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