02 November 2010
Last Friday at school was so fun! I just love Halloween and any excuse to get dressed up in a costume! I went as the Mad Hatter (as played by Johnny Depp). It was a fun costume! My favorite part of it was my hat and my mismatched makeup w/ white eyelashes!! I was inspired by my favorite makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, and her Mad Hatter tutorial video. Look her up on YouTube... her happiness just makes me smile!

I'm not gonna lie... I was pretty proud of my costume, especially after spending so little on it. I already had most of the stuff at home (the scarf, pants, shirt, makeup) and got the rest really cheap (the jacket $1 @ Goodwill) and the hat and hair color for cheap at Wilson's 5 cents to $1. I used NYX's Milk Jumbo eyeshadow pencil as the all over color because I didn't have any white greasepaint. It worked better than I thought it would... after powdering with white mineral powder and hairspraying my makeup in place, it lasted all day,

I might like to do it again.. maybe a tutorial? Or at least a list of products I used. Anywho, here's some pic spam!


saejin said...

wow. that's a cool make up there! perfect for the Halloween!

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