My favorite spots to visit online :)


Lime Crime Makeup - bright eyeshadows & beautiful lipsticks
Star's Makeup Heaven - Custom Palettes, Empty Palettes, MAC Pigments & Samples, & More
Sugar Pill - bright, bold, vivid eyeshadows. so pretty!
Beauties Factory - Wide variety; multi-color eyeshadow palettes, brush sets, nail art supplies, & a lot more
Sparkly Nails - Nail art/ design supplies
WowSoCool - Konad nail stamping & nail art supplies

Cosmetology Supplies:
- SLS free shampoo, everything you need to color your hair at home

Haircoloring Techniques:

Bleaching/Toning Part 1: Bleaching by KillerStrands
Bleaching/Toning Part 2: Applying Toner by KillerStrands

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