Some of the Hairiest Blogs I've Seen

03 November 2010
I love having options when it comes to haircutting and styling. Just imagine how well-rounded your skills would be if you met stylists all over the world, and learned something new from each and everyone of them. That is my dream. I want to have all kinds of experience and influences, and that's when the internet comes in handy. Youtube videos are great for this as well, but I think blogs about hair are an awesome idea! Here of some of my absolute favorite hair related blogs. Expect the list to keep growing, and please add yours if you like. :)

Babes in Hairland  

For Young'ins )
Princess Hairstyles (for the little princess in your life)
Girl Hairdos & Ideas

Great blogs that are no longer updated :(
Cutie Pie Hair Creations
Hair Between My Fingers


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