Phase 1, Week 3 Complete

03 September 2010
I had another great week at school! :) Everything was fun about cutting men's hair.. except for all the little hairs getting stuck everywhere and being sooo itchy! LOL. We were a little behind on our practicals this week and so this morning we had to catch up, so we didn't get to have family/friends come in to let us practice on them. We did finish in time to practice shampooing/styling each others hair and do each others makeup. You can tell when Friday rolls around, because by the end of the day, most of us tease our hair and have big bumps on our hair, and we glam up our makeup. :)

I had my bangs trimmed, and of course had my hair bumped up because it's so flat anyway. I'm loving my new bangs. Just that little change makes a world of difference. Thanks to my instructor, Ms. Ingalls for cutting them! :)


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